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ABOUT Dr Pinto

Dr Sarah Pinto is a social historian who specialises in the history of colonial mental health institutions. She is the author of Lunatic Asylums in Colonial Bombay: Shackled Bodies, Unchained Minds (Cham, Palgrave Macmillan, 2018). Her research interests includes  topics related to colonial psychiatry, historical trauma, indigenous-colonial relations and experiences, lunatic asylums, mental hospitals, soul wounds.  


Her research identifies the historical roots of the problems within mental health care systems. Through her research, Dr Pinto intends to disrupt legacies of trauma and enable new narratives in mental health care. Her research accounts for the experiences of indigenous communities, families and patients, and is particularly useful for mental health professionals, policy makers and scholars.

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“Original, courageous and evocative, Sarah Pinto’s history of colonial asylums is a powerful work." 
Professor Charlotte Macdonald, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
"This study suggests how understanding the history of the treatment of the mentally ill is vital to reconceptualising their treatment today."

Professor Barbara Brookes, University of Otago, New Zealand




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